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Food for Humans

Clean Eating & Clean Code

HU Kitchen is an NYC-based restaurant and chocolate shop. Their Union Square location is a favorite stop for anyone who enjoys amazing meals made from clean, organic ingredients. Demand was steadily growing for one of their most popular items, vegan chocolate, and the need surfaced to begin selling it online with a subscription option to reach a wider market.

Launch Project
  • Interface Design
  • Performance Optimization
  • Technical Consulting
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Development
Hu Wireframes

Parallel Businesses

HU needed a website that could serve as an e-commerce solution for their thousands of loyal customers. In addition, their popular restaurant location needed separate (but equally important) representation on the same site. Leveraging the powerful e-commerce and content management tools built into Shopify, we set about designing and building a custom theme that could scale as fast as their brand.

Hu Collage
Hu Mobile

Vegan Chocolate, Absolutely Everywhere

HU's products speak for themselves and word has gotten out quickly. The restaurant is always busy and online sales have grown well beyond initial expectations. We're looking forward to what HU does next, but we have a feeling they will soon be a household name.

Hu Hero

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