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It’s like having daily yoga instruction delivered to your computer (or mobile device). YogaToday was a full rethink of how yogis (novice and advanced alike) train and interact with their computers. Not everyone who practices has the ability to be near a computer when they are in their training space. We created a system that requires minimum interaction from the user and functions as a subscription video


delivery service, rather than a more complicated website that could detract from the focus necessary to train as deeply as they may like. The finished site is simple, responsive, and beautiful. It gets the user to their full screen yoga training session quickly and makes it as hard as possible to be distracted. In the case that someone does get distracted, it is their own fault. Just legally trying to be in the right, here.

Yoga Today

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The user is free to select previous videos, but is immediately brought into the daily video of the day. There's no messing around - you get right into it.

The site was designed to be very responsive to whatever mobile device is used. If your location moves quickly and frequently, you now have instruction that can follow you.

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