​Phenomenon is one of the more gifted post production shops in the world. We could write this entire description trying to convince you to hire them if you need video work done, but you’ll probably just choose them anyway when you see the magic they make.

The site is categorically not very deep, which allowed us to have fun with the branding and interaction. We got to experiment with a sideways scrolling and a custom mobile push nav. Just take a look at it. We’ll stop talking about it. It’s a lovely site and a testament to how well collaboration with a client can go.


Services Rendered:

Launch Project

A universe of content laid out and ready to explore with a unique, side scrolling approach. The site always maintains a full-screen, immersive feel.

Look at that cute bee! Also, look at how the art compliments the typography and navigation. We designed it in a way that whatever content they upload, it will always look sick.

Branding was an important part of this project. Phenomenon needed a logo that best represented their name, so we looked upwards for inspiration into cosmos.

Naturally, it doesn't matter which viewport you view the site. It always looks stunning.

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