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Alternative Press needed a new site that pushed beyond what their competition was doing. When you’re in the fast paced world of news and media, even a site that’s 3 years old is ready to kick the bucket. Paper Tiger worked with AP on the last redesign back in 2009 and the site was great by most standards, but everyone knew the time was coming to create the next great thing for Alternative Press users - a fresh content-sensitive design that was fast and worked on all of the devices that we have at our disposal.

Paper Tiger delivered a fully responsive site with all the bells and whistles (and drums and vocals). From the grid based listings to the custom galleries and full-screen viewer, we worked together to not only re-imagine how should look, but also how it should be built from the ground up. Our Expression Engine experts combed through every inch of the site, refining rough edges and rebuilding where necessary. The new site is like a well tuned guitar… in perfect harmony with its user.

Alternative Press Magazine

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“They thoroughly understand current industry trends and youth culture and will quickly steer you away from making huge, financial blunders that could get you fired from your job six months down the line. Thank you, Paper Tiger!”

        Mike Shea, AP
  Mike Shea Alternative Press

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